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written by Daniel Ord Rasmussen on March 24, 2009 in Blog with no comments

This post brought to you in English, taking in to account our friends from abroad.

Anyway – as some of you will know I’m currently working on a research project that entails uncovering trends in eTourism, Travel 2.0, Digital Tourism, whatever you want to call it.

As a part of this we (Seismonaut) are trying to get some dialog going with the so-called “lead users” in the field. This means the best bloggers, tweeters (?), vloggers etc..

To give them some incentive to help us out we are promising a free vacation to Denmark. It will go to the best entry in our “contest” at The idea is that people will apply via a Youtube video (showing off their command of the medium) and we will post them all on the blog. After the entries close we will be having online voting etc., and 2×2 winners will be chosen.

If you want to help out, get a free trip, please check out and the tag for general net usage is #48hoursindk.

Follow the project on twitter at and