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Som engang blev annonceret i vores FAQ, så er siden her også på engelsk. Følgende serie af indlæg vil være på netop det sprog, mest fordi jeg synes termerne for forskellige ting, er skrækkelige på dansk. Jep.

I’ve now joined the myriad of Mac users, some of which are zealots and some of which are more moderate – some even sane. I’ve never used a Mac for prolonged sessions before, so the fact that my primary laptop is now an aluminium Macbook means a lot of new learning. But also of lot of new fun, because of have to think about some things that I haven’t though about for years. OSX does some things differently from Windows (and Linux). Other things are the same. As so many people before me, I will be detailing my findings here when I feel the need.

At the moment I’ve mostly dealt with installing software, which is a mixed bag. I like the fact that many small (and often free) programs are installed simply by dragging their icon to the App folder – it’s tidy, easy and quick. However, it’s also inconsistent – not all apps are installed this way. Some larger ones require a more Windows-like installation format, with an installer. I’ve been told that there’s even a third option, though I’ve yet to actually come across it. Stick with one version please. If I was a new computer user I would have to learn three separate ways of doing the same thing – not a good design choice.

I like the way most things seem to be integrated into the shell (which probably has a more Mac-like name). The design is nice too. A more hardware related design feature is the actual Macbook, with the new trackpad. I DON’T like the buttonless design so far, as I dual boot with Vista Business for uni. There are issues with the lack of button there, maybe I’ll detail that at a later date. I DO like the multitouch interfacing in OSX, swiping back and forth for back and forward in Firefox is very cool, and Exposé with four fingers is handy.

I also do not care for the way large folders are presented, there seems to be no way to have items ordered as I want them. I’ve yet to spend much time googling the problem, but none of the standard folder views really do it for me, and coverflow seems a little like a gimmick with no real use (yet).

Anyway, I’ll keep posting later on.